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Everywhere you look on the web today, the spread of social media remains a constant. Apparently, social media is no longer the next big thing of your business, it is already there. Your business cannot afford to be left behind. Social activities are driving customer perceptions and purchasing decisions massively. Google, Yahoo and Baidu are using social signs in their ranking system, and these cannot be ignored by any business.

This is where Chicle comes in, and why we are trying to use Internet to turn your audiences into buying decisions. We use social media to drive customer loyalty and brand engagement. We help every business to increase traffic, sales and a tangible return on investment.

Social Media Management

Branding with Messages at the Heart

Facebook × WeChat × Weibo

Why have you ever liked a page on Facebook? Better yet, why should anyone like your business page on Facebook? Do you know what it takes to earn that click?

We understand the reasons to make a Facebook member choose to like a brand. Our social media experts know how to create content and design layout that draw attentions. We provide good intentions for them to like your page; we want them to feel like they made a good decision.

Today’s consumers expect more transparency and a deeper brand connection for their advocacy. Chicle’s talented team develops custom pages to reinforce your brand message and voice and guide your business towards that light.

Creative Content

The goal of our Facebook management service is to increase the engagement rate with the existing base of Facebook fans.

We create cool and psychologically proved contents. We combine powerful content with technology to maximize your business.

Mini Game

We design and execute social media marketing campaign to increase the total number of prospects and customers that have liked your Facebook page. Each campaign is uniquely designed, and we devote ourselves to deliver the highest ROI.

Facebook Campaign

Create a Facebook campaign is one of the best ways to promote your business. We design and run a campaign packed with several Facebook components including Wall posts, Page tabs, Facebook ads and Email marketing.

We follow one principle only: fit in, be social. It can be useful, be fun or be holistic, but not intrusions. We design, monitor, and optimize campaigns that allow Facebook users to interact deeply with a brand, product or service, to boost visibility and generate more leads.

Facebook Tab Application

Design fun and functional tabs that refresh regularly. You can promote constant engagement and activity from fans on the business fan page.

Some capabilities available for custom tabs:

  • Fan-Gate Content

    Fan-Gate Content

  • Contests


  • Coupons


  • Custom Forms

    Custom Forms

  • External Community Integration

    External Community Integration

Blogger and YouTuber Line-up

Occasionally, people pay more attention to content than they do to advertisements. Customers would rather read a blog or watch a video than a sales letter. We are connected with a list of prolific bloggers and YouTubers, who have enormous amount of loyal audiences and know how to deliver authentic messages for your business.

Social Advertising

Chicle’s social media team understands how to reach and connect in an effective way. For us, it is about the content and the relationship because those translate into brand advocacy.

Our team will do an in depth analysis of your industry and competitors to create innovative advertisements. Each advertisement is designed to focus on a particular demographic with the highest conversion rate, which can be directed to sponsored stories, external websites or your Facebook page. We always work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction and success.

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